Benny Hinn

Benny-HinnBENNY HINN: False Teacher, False Prophet, Faith Healing, Prosperity Gospel, Seed-Faith Doctrine, Word-Faith Doctrine, Necromancy (Communication with the dead).

Toufik ‘Tutu’ Benedictus ‘Benny’ Hinn, a Palestinian Arab born in Israel, was born into an Eastern Orthodox family but raised catholic. His spurious claims about his upbringing and early history include a statement that his father was the mayor of Jaffa (proven to be a falsehood), and that he was healed of a severe childhood stutter (never confirmed by ANY of those who knew him, including those he himself named as witnesses), personal visits from Jesus too numerous to mention, and other events so convoluted and obviously untrue as to beggar description. Listing all the lies he has told about himself here would take another website all of it’s own.

His incredible riches support a lavish life-style, almost unparalleled in the rarified world of the mega-rich evangelists. Private jets, luxury accommodations in the best hotels, millions of  dollars of homes, rare and expensive automobiles, bespoke suits, handmade shoes, all the hallmarks of a simple preacher.

Faith-healer extraordinaire, Hinn claims to be ‘anointed’ by the Holy Spirit and even gets anointing from the dead bodies of his spiritual mentors, apostates Aimee Semple McPherson (dead of a drug overdose) and Kathryn Kuhlman (dead of cancer.) His regular graveside visits are reminiscent of the antics of not a few satanic groups and witches covens.

He parades around on stage, slapping people on the head and knocking them down into the arms of his body-catchers while screaming and hissing like a serpent at them about the anointing that is healing their impossible to determine ailments; back pain, cancer, heart condition, hearing, etc. No one has a missing arm grow back. No blind man sees.

His blasphemy knows no bounds, as is evidenced when Pastor Benny pronounces anointing of fire upon people. There is absolutely no Biblical precedence for fire being pronounced upon anyone being healed by the apostles or our Saviour. The only fire mentioned in a good way was the Holy Spirit sitting like tongues of fire upon the heads of the blessed in the Book of Acts on the Day of Pentecost.

If Hinn is capable of conjuring up flames upon his audiences, his sorcery is no more than that displayed by the court of Pharoah during his encounters with Abram and Aaron, and definitely comes from the same source.

As false prophets go, Benny Hinn takes the cake. His prophecies run the gamut but almost all of them make the Holy Spirit out to be a liar, satanic buck-passing in the extreme.

He claims to have inside knowledge of the selective pre-Second Coming appearance of Jesus: ‘I’m prophesying this Jesus Christ the son of God is about to appear physically in some Church’s and some meetings and to many of his people.’ (TBN March 29, 2000) (failed)

“The Spirit of God tells me – an earthquake will hit the east coast of America and destroy much in the 90′s.” (failed)

“The Lord also tells me to tell you in mid 90′s – about ’94 or ’95, no later than that – God will destroy the homosexual community of America . . . He will destroy it with fire.” (failed)

“The Spirit tells me – Fidel Castro will die in the 90′s. . . Holy Spirit just said to me, it’ll be worse than any death you can imagine.” (failed)

Hinn’s heresy, blasphemy and false teaching extends to portrayals of God as an absentee Father in statements such as this, made on the satanic program TBN: ‘…And I’m preaching to a great crowd that I saw. I saw an angel of the Lord in that dream. …But now as I’m done preaching I walk into what looked like the temple of God. I’m in the throne room. I see God’s throne, I see the seats of the elders, but its empty. God was not in there. (“Praise The Lord”, December 29, 2002)

Well, King David had something specific to say about this very subject: Psalms 47:8 ‘God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.’

Hinn also claims to be Christ: “I am not part of him, I am Him! The word has become flesh in me.” (Our Position in Christ, tape AO31190-1).

And God: “Are you ready for some real revelation knowledge… you are God” (Our Position In Christ, tape AO31190-1 )

That is enough on this satanic luciferian. Keep away, keep far away from this damnable heretic. May God have mercy on Benny Hinn and bring him to repentance before it is too late.


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