Jack Van Impe


Jack Van Impe: False Teacher, False Prophet.

Jack Van Impe, known as the Master of the Bible because of his having spent 35,000 hours memorizing over 14,000 scripture verses and nearly the entire New Testament, is one of the most prolific false teachers / false prophets out there.

His misguided interpretations of the Bible have and continue to lead countless thousands to a date with their second death. One can only hope that this man who many turn to one day wakes up and changes his ways.

Jack, and his wife Rexella, lead what is known as Jack Van Impe Ministries International, and international it certainly is. A magazine, a television program, direct mail outreach, books, et cetera, put this man  in the forefront of worldly Christianity today. However, his is a theology of ecumenism, false prophecies and misinterpretation.

His ecumenism knows no bounds, even to the point of equating Catholicism with mainstream Christianity. He is a protestant papist of the highest order.

Direct quotes: ‘You Catholic people, listen to your priests… Thank God for these Catholic leaders.’ ‘The Catholic Doctrines Are Right On’

‘I believe in this book, I have read the entire new catechism, 2800 points. And I know what they believe and we misrepresent them so often. I was one of those bigots who used to do it. And the Spirit spoke to me.’ (referring to the ‘new’ Catholic Catechism)

“Pope John Paul II has given me real direction in my life.” “He is a giant of the faith,” (Van Impe seems to have abandoned Christ as the true motivator of his life in pursuit of the satanic wolf in sheep’s clothing known as the papacy.)

Van Impe’s impressions of the Catholic Church are more interesting perhaps because of his pre-1994 statements that would seem to directly contradict his current beliefs. Until then, he was on record as being vehemently anti-Catholic and declared it an apostate church.

His misinterpretation of Hebrews 5:9 is standard Baptist stuff, eternal salvation and the pre-tribulation rapture of the Church.

Speaking of specific times and places, Brother Jack prophesied that the rapture of the Church would take place on December 21, 2012. Then, just before that date, he announced that he would be on television for his annual Christmas special, but insisted that some catastrophic event would take place on the 21st. (failed)

Van Impe also prophesied the Second Coming in 1976, 2000 and 2008. (Failed)


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