Jerry Falwell

jerry falwellThe apostate Jerry Falwell (1933-2007) portrayed himself as a Baptist Fundamentalist but he was more of an ecumenist and was in spiritual fornication with Catholics, evangelicals, reform Jews and charismatics, among others.

Counted among his friends were Catholics John Bertolucci, William H. Marshner, John Randall, Michael Scanlon, Cardinal Bernardin; New-Agesist Robert Schuller; False teachers Charles Stanley, Billy Graaham and Chuck Colson; False prophets Pat Robertson, Demos Shakaarian and Jim Bakker; Anti-Christ Sun Myung Moon (Falwell petitioned Ronald Reagan to pardon Moon for the crime of tax evasion); one can see the adage ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’, in full example.

Allowing himself to be interviewed by such satanic screeds as the Catholic Register, Falwell enthusiastically proclaimed Ronald Reagan (spiritualist) and Pope John Paul II (Anti-Christ) as the greatest of men.

Known for founding the Moral Majority, a politically-oriented pseudo-religious organization opposed to abortion, Falwell recruited Mormons, Reform Jews, Catholics, Pagans, Charismatics, New-Agers, and Pro-Life Atheists to a Christian organization that never opened it’s meetings with a prayer.

Falwell’s unabashed congress with heretics extended to the Washington For Jesus rock concert in 1996, where he shared the stage with satanic minion Benny Hinn, (who Falwell, in 1999, enthusiastically gushed over with the following statement, “Pastor Benny and I are friends and I’m glad for every soul that comes and has come to Christ through your ministry over the past 25 years.”); Kenneth Hagin, Jr., John Giminez and an assortment of women preachers and tongues-spouting Charismatics including Richard Roberts baying to the crowd about an episode of spiritual intimacy where the Supreme Deity, our Father God, physically touched him and made him the vessel of prophecy for the Washington for Jesus event.

The editor of Charisma Magazine, Stephen Strang, was a confidante of Falwell’s and in 1997 announced that Falwell was open to Pentecostals and Charismatics in an article called  “Revival in Lynchburg: Jerry Falwell Now Open to Charismatics,” October, 1997; Charisma Magazine.

Regardless of what anyone may think, there is nothing to be gained by engaging with those who are committed to heretical beliefs unless one is committed to the truth of Salvation and tries to lead people to that Salvation through an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the renunciation of paganism and heresy and a proclamation of His Lordship and victory over death in the Resurrection, the surety of the Second Coming and the defeat of Satan. Unless one, as a Christian, is willing to insist on these truths as the groundwork for any interfaith dialogue, one is nothing more than a harlot committing spiritual fornication with agents of darkness.

Falwell and His Good Friend Sun Myung Moon

Falwell and His Good Friend Sun Myung Moon


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