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Peter Popoff






Born on July 2, 1946 in Hamburg, Germany, his website claims that Popoff was born behind the Iron Curtain and had to escape the clutches of Communism. However, Hamburg is rather conveniently located in what would have been known as the British Zone of Occupation which was then absorbed into the Federal Republic of Germany, otherwise known as West Germany, or free Germany, or Non-Communist Germany.

Emigrating to the United States as a child, Popoff allegedly attended the University of California at Santa Barbara. In 1970, Popoff married wife Elizabeth and began his television ‘ministry’ soon after. By the mid 1980’s, Popoff had a regular television broadcast and published several books on faith, demonology, exorcism, wealth building, etc. through Faith Messenger Publications, his own publishing house. This company has published only six works and those by only one author, Peter Popoff, between 1980 and 1982. These works are still available, including ‘Demons at Your Doorstep’ on Amazon for the thrifty price of only $99.98.

Popoff had established himself as quite the faith healer, removing such maladies as cancer, diabetes, angina, paralysis, polio, you name it, during miracle ‘healings’ held in civic auditoriums everywhere from Ft. Lauderdale to Brooklyn, Anaheim to Houston, St. Louis to Sacramento, Detroit to San Francisco, Philadelphia, etc.

Popoff’s website includes the following from his ministry history, conveniently leaving out a few salient points:

“In the ’80s he used the most ingenious methods for getting Bibles, gospel tracts, and other Christian literature into countries where the Word was forbidden. In that same decade he started his national TV broadcasts.

The ’90s were punctuated by his personal appearances in auditoriums and stadiums in nations throughout the world. Tens of thousands have been saved, healed, and delivered from every form of demon oppression as the man of God preached the glories of Christ to them. In many countries people walked for miles to receive supernatural touch through this man’s ministry. Peter maximized his worldwide outreaches through satellite TV in the ’90s.”

For an example of an actual Popoff fundraising letter, please go to:

In 1987, James Randi, the skeptical investigator of paranormal claims, set his sights on Popoff. Placing a recording scanner in the San Francisco Civic Auditorium, Randi and his investigators recorded a healing service during which they recorded Popoff’s wife Elizabeth transmitting to Popoff the names, addresses, health problems and personal details of every person Popoff called up for miracles. This information was taken from prayer cards and conversations Elizabeth and her confederates conducted prior to the event. Not even bothering to mix the cards, names were called out in the exact order they were pre-interviewed in.

Randi played the recordings for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show to great fanfare. This resulted in a deluge of negative press and investigations, lawsuits and charges which let to Popoff declaring bankruptcy later in 1987.

Popoff stayed out of the public eye for sometime, reemerging in 1998 on BET hawking his Miracle Spring Water as a supernatural tool in the effort to gain financial independence. Popoff’s infomercial broadcasts can now be seen around the world. Popoff will send you a container of Miracle Spring Water straight from a ‘Blessed’ spring in Chernobyl (!) that you can use to coax God into sending you vast sums of money. In return, Popoff asks for only a $17.00 ‘donation’ as a seed of faith to prove your willingness to trust God’s self-proclaimed ‘Prophet’ to intercede on your behalf with the Almighty (Who presumably is on a direct line to Popoff and waits intently for the Prophet’s recommendations as to who deserves to be rewarded with financial blessings and miracle healings).

It is reported that Popoff has raked in donations to his ‘ministry’ in increasing amounts, from approximately $10 million in 2003, to around $23 million in 2005. Financials after this year are not available due to the fact that in 2006 Peter Popoff Ministries changed from a for-profit business entity to a religious organization, therefore it’s financials are no longer subject to public review.

This man is so obviously a faker and a charlatan that to spend any more time on him would be a disservice to the others we must include in this report.

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