‘Dr.’ Mike Murdock








Michael ‘Mike’ Dean Murdock, or ‘Dr.’ as he likes to be called, (the doctorate is an honorary degree from the International Seminary in Florida) was born on April 18, 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The son of J. E. and Willie Murdock, Murdock hit the national stage in 1973 when he established the Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association, which was the start of his very lucrative ‘fundraising’ ministry. He divorced from his first wife, Linda Lormand, in 1979. Linda was given custody of their adopted son, Jason.

Despite his proclamations to the faithful that donations are for ‘the poor’, Murdock’s organization spends upwards of 60% on ‘overhead’ and just about 1-3% of the take goes to ‘the poor’, the needy, or public interest whatsoever.

Murdock has a phobia about journalists, making every effort to avoid interviews, staunchly refusing to answer any queries about finances, whether his or his ministries’.

Murdock is a pillar of ‘seed-faith’ evangelism and regularly takes the stage with the likes of Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland, Joyce Meyer and Jesse Duplantis

Known for begging for money in the form of ‘seed offerings’ which he promises the sender will reap rewards from God in the form of financial windfalls and other favors, he regularly demands ‘seed offerings’ in the amount of $1000, telling the poor that they can ‘find the money somewhere’ and if they don’t obey him, they cannot prove their faith in God.

Claiming that “Delayed obedience becomes disobedience”, Murdock frightens the weak minded and spiritually gullible to send money, often funds earmarked for rent or bills, in the hopes that God will shower favor upon them.

Murdock’s website, ‘thewisdomcenter.tv’, is a top of the line fundraising effort put together by highly talented web designers. Every square inch of it is an effort to wrench money from the fists of those who have faith in man and love of the dollar. A state lottery could learn a thing or two from Murdock about increasing sales.

Murdock likes to claim authorship of literally thousands of songs, but at last count there were less than 80 registered with ASCAP (the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). As well as being a prolific songwriter, full-time preacher, full-time evangelist, counselor and mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit, Murdock also finds time to author numerous books (little more than pamphlets aimed at filling his coffers) with names such as ‘The Leadership Secrets of Jesus’, ‘The Law of Recognition’, ‘Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived’, ‘The Uncommon Leader’ and ‘The Tweeters’ Handbook Volume 1′. As well as works on the feel-good theology of today espousing Christian themed self-esteem, Murdock has also authored several bibles in an effort to rewrite the Word of God and present it as an instruction manual in the art of sowing seeds and reaping financial rewards, fulfilling his own words and twisted theology. Known as ‘Topical Bibles’, they are aimed at literally everyone. Children, Grandparents, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Fathers, Inmates, Mothers, Ministers, New Believers, Servicemen, Teens, Tithers, Travelers, Widows, all are represented and can be had for the bargain basement price of only $10.00 apiece.

Murdock’s quest for money leads his programs to be broadcast and rebroadcast throughout the nation and the world on various stations, including Paul Crouch’s (d. November 30, 2013) Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Regularly appearing on TBN as an emcee of their Telethons, Murdock’s skills as an accomplished huckster reveling in his self-appointed status as speaker for the Holy Spirit is on full display. He is quoted as saying the following (thanks to forgottenword.org for the quotes):

“The instruction you follow determines the future you create. If you never do it again, do it now [Sow a $1,000 seed]! If you called in already and something is stirring you up to plant the extra $1,000 to raise a faith promise up another level to this level. Please do it now! Don’t sit there with your hands closed. Don’t sit there with your hands closed. Open your hands. When I open my hands God opens His hand. My seed talks to God. My seed is a picture of my covenant to God. When God see’s my seed it is the way He remembers me!”

“Delayed obedience becomes disobedience. Nobody can call for you. Nobody can call for you. Quickly go to the telephone. Call the number that’s on the screen. Do it now!…Quickly go to the phone, dial the number that is there and say, ‘I’m one of the 1189 that the Holy Spirit is speaking to.”

“The third, I feel so strongly that God will give you a debt, a debt free house, supernaturally. It may not happen in three months, might not happen in six. But it’s going to happen, according to your faith.”

“I also feel impressed that this $1,000 seed should be planted within six months. This $1,000 seed should be planted. you may have $100 now. You may have the whole $1,000 now. You may have $50 now. But I feel so strong that this $1,000 seed is the turning point seed of your financial life and your financial world.”
(Mike Murdock, Daystar Fall, “Share-A-Thon,” September 14, 2004)

“God had a son and needed a family. So He used His son as a seed to get a harvest.”

“I’m asking for 300 people who need big miracles (when you call and give $1,000).”

“You can’t wait another day or two for your healing or miracle…go to the phone and sow your $1,000 seed for your harvest.”
(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, April 20, 2004)

“Widow woman! If you keep that $200 that will be your harvest…Nothing leaves heaven until something leaves earth.”

“There is one of the 300 people that can give the $600 all at once. that kind of faith releases a swift response from God. When you let go of what’s in your hand God let’s go of what’s in his.”

“If you are one of the 300 to plant $200 a month for the next three month’s, God has a harvest for you.”

“Go to the phone, Quickly! Dial the number and say, ‘I’m one of the 300 to sow $200 for the next three month’s.’ Your seed has never had so much power.”

“If you have ever decided to obey the Holy Spirit, do it today…Holy Spirit I told your people what you told me to say…If you are ever watching a program ordained by the Holy Spirit, this is the one.”

“There is a Bible school student that has money set aside. God is telling you to sow the $200 for the next three months. Go to the phone son, don’t negotiate with the Holy Spirit.”

“The next three month’s are critical in your life, very critical…I want to pray for 300 miracles like Gideon had 300 men.”

“God has one obsession, that’s to be believed…God’s only need is to be believed.”
(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, May 6, 2004)

“I’m going to ask for 300 people in the next 50 minutes, 300 people who need big miracles…When I am done, go to the phone and say, ‘I am one of Gideon’s 300.’ I’m asking 300 to give a seed of $1,000 for your harvest.”

“There are 12 people that will give $1,000 for every member of your family…Put your sons name on the check…Put your husbands name on the check.”

“God is willing that none should perish, yet many are perishing. The will of God is rarely accomplished here on earth.”
(Mike Murdock, LeSea Television, Miracle Telethon, April 20, 2004)

“If you are not blessed at least hang around somebody that is, if you don’t have money hang around someone who does.”

“Jesus didn’t treat everybody the same, if you treat everybody the same, what would be the reward for being your friend?”
(Mike Murdock, Daystar Spring Share-A-Thon, March 1, 2004)

“God will always give you something illogical to do. God will never give you something logical to do, you can do the logical stuff yourself….Holy Spirit I told the people what you told me to say.”

“God doesn’t talk to your mind, He talks to your heart. God doesn’t talk to your logic, He talks to your faith.”
(Mike Murdock, Daystar Share-A-Thon, September 15, 2003)

And a favorite; “May I never have what God has chosen not to give me, But may I always have what he wants me to possess.”

Good grief! It’s exhausting just reading them. As a matter of fact, having watched hours of his television appearances, this writer can say that Murdock rarely preaches redemption through Christ, Salvation by the Blood or the promise of an afterlife, and when he does it’s centered on a pitch for money. And money he gets. Murdock’s god has indeed been generous. Among other vehicles, he drives a Corvette, a BMW, a Jaguar, a Porsche, and eschewing commercial air travel, manages to gets around in a Cessna Citation 500. All belong to the ‘ministry’ and are made available for his exclusive use. He also sports a $25,000 Rolex, a $4,500 fountain pen and listed his estate, Hacienda la Paz, with sales agents for $3.2 million.

According to IRS Records, in 2003 Murdock was compensated $439,397, more than treble his salary of 2002.

Murdock and his empire have been audited, analyzed and investigated by many including the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Magazine, MinistryWatch.com and the Trinity Foundation.

Thanks to: ‘Profit in the Pulpit’, Darren Barbee, Fort Worth Star Telegram, March 2, 2003; ‘Mike Murdock – False Preacher/Teacher’, forgottenword.org; ‘Mike Murdock – False Prophet’, jesus-is-savior.com; ‘Mike Murdock’, wikipedia.org; ‘Mike Murdock’, apostasywatch.com; ‘Why I Stole a Televangelist’s Safe’, dmagazine.com; ‘Mike Murdock Scam Exposed’, treynutshell.com; thewisdomcenter.tv; ‘Poverty-hating Haltom City televangelist Murdock’s $1.5 million mansion for sale’, blogs.star-telegram.com; ‘Greedy Televangelists! Where’s all that money going?’, jesus-is-savior.com; inplainsite.org; ‘Televangelist Mike Murdock moves financial books behind closed doors’, Forth Worth December 15, 2004, Darren Barbee, Fort Worth Star-Telegram; MinistryWatch.com; Trinity Foundation; ‘6 Outrageously Wealthy Preachers Under Federal Investigation’, nakedlaw.avvo.com; ‘Mike Murdock presents $1 million, Rolls Royce phantom to COZA G.O’, theheraldng.com; ‘Mike Murdock Dismisses Newspaper Investigation as “Falsehood”‘, charismamag.com; MinistryWatch.com’s 2011 list of 30 Donor Alerts.



  1. Phil

    A truer exposition, i have never read. I lost all respect for a widely known church in Nigeria, after they invited Dr Murdoch to raise funds. A man who knows all about giving, but not to his own family. May God deliver us from the christainity been marketed to us in the name of televangelism and prospetity gospel.


  2. Joshua

    Mike Murdock, regardless of your determination, according to God’s Word, is a believer and righteous man of God.


    • Brother Joshua,

      Greetings in Christ and blessings to you and your family.

      I respectfully ask that you name chapter and verse the Biblical approval of Mike Murdock’s relentless proliferation of the prosperity gospel.

      Your Brother in Christ,
      James S. Berge


    • D.David Dodge

      A real man of god not the real GOD. JESUS gave to the poor. He NEVER took from them. Again I day SHAME on him. But in the end it will be on GODS HANDS.


  3. D.David Dodge

    I have watched him on T V me my times. Praise the real GOD I have NEVER sent him a cent. He is always on the CAMP MEETING. I have watched the program at least six times. And EVERY sermon has been the same send in $1,000 right now and you will see thousands come back to you. What makes me sad is that one day he will stand before the real GOD. I would not want to be there. GOD will not go easy on him. His reward is hear his penalty will be Eternally. I don’t expect to be crowened but I know my reward will be to spend Eternity in the presents of my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. All I can say is SHAME ON YOU Mike Murdock. GOD have pitty on your soul.
    D. David Dodge


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