Reflections on The End of Days

Greetings to my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, may the Love of our Father and of our Savior fill you and the joyful expectation of His soon return soothe your hearts.

In these days, we see the promise of His return is imminent. Though there are several events yet to pass, we see the end times prophecies being fulfilled before our eyes.

  • The Pope is bringing back into his fold many of the breakaway sects of Christianity that heretofore have rejected the overtures of Catholicism. Look for the embrace of Islam, Buddhism and even Scientology within the open arms of the Church of Rome.
  • Economies the world over are reeling from seismic highs and breathtaking lows as the control of central banks is asserted and the transfers of wealth increase in intensity.
  • War is an ever-present reality. Wars and rumors of wars are an everyday threat, encompassing a wide swath of humanity. The violence against Christians and Jews is increasing with a visceral hate unknown since the times of the Crusades and the Inquisitions.
  • Laws are being passed in western countries that specifically target Christians who prosletyze and hold services in their homes.
  • Abortion is on the rise and the vast numbers of children sacrificed to the god of convenience rivals that of the days of old when Moloch demanded payment with the blood of innocents.
  • Weather anomalies and natural disasters are on the rise with records being broken every day. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, torrential rains and blistering droughts are happening everywhere, even to snow and freezing temperatures in subtropical areas.
  • Meteorites, fireballs and unknown objects are falling out of the sky everywhere.
  • Birds dropping out of the air, fish and whales dying in masses, fouling shorelines all over the world.
  • Loud noises of uncertain origin are being emitted worldwide.
  • The love of self is taking on a frightening life of its own with people everywhere indulging in a wide range of perversities and publicly demanding acceptance of behavior that not long ago would be unthinkable.
  • Megachurches are filled every Sunday with tens of millions of self-professed Christians looking for Salvation but instead settling for the soothing words of ego-inflated Pastors who give them empty promises and take their congregants money to fill their bank accounts, wolves in sheeps clothing enrusted with the care of their flocks.
  • Remember that the only end times revival spoken of in the Word of God is reserved for Jews, the gentile world will experience a great falling away, a mass rejection of Christ and acceptance of the Beast system of false religion and empty faith.

We must embrace the world with the love of Christ but remain separate from it. We must be living examples of the truth of Salvation but have no part in the darkness of this world system. We must pray for our enemies but keep away from them lest we get caught up in vengeance, hate and violence.

Our Lord and Savior is with us always, even unto the end. Pay attention to what is happening and prepare yourselves in mind and spirit for the tests of faith that will be presented, even those tests that seem to be innocuous but are in reality designed by the Adversary especially for those of us who profess faith in Christ.

Pray always, read the Bible daily and share your faith with everyone you can.

May the Will of our Father be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven, and may Christ find us humble and ever seeking His Love and Guidance.

In the Name of Jesus be blessed, and may His hand of protection be extended to you all.

James S. Berge
February 15, 2016


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  1. Abraham

    What A timley artical again thanks Abraham


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