Does God Need Prayer From Man?

Does God Need Prayer from Man?

What good work for God then is it in the prayer to Him? As Martin Luther said in his remarkably in-depth analysis ‘The Babylonian Captivity of the Church’: “What godless audacity is it, therefore, when we who are to receive the testament of God come as those who would perform a good work for Him!”

It has been said that God needs prayer. I hope to disabuse you of this misapprehension, if for no other reason than if one goes to God thinking God needs our prayers, one need not pray at all.

Our Father God does not need our prayers any more than we need the prayer of an ant in the moment before we are about to render unto it judgement by flicking it off of the picnic table.

No, we need the prayer to God. For ourselves and for and from each other. We need it as a testimony and an acceptance of His Love and Divine Power. Just as we need the Sabbath to establish for ourselves the quiet introspection needed to commune with our Creator, as God created the Sabbath to mark His day of rest from the minutiae of creation. Just as surely we need the Decalogue as a guide with which to measure our worth through our behavior and as a yardstick with which to measure our repentance and as a lodestone with which we can carry the understanding of human interaction and of our place in the Kingdom of God.

To approach prayer as a rote, a matter of duty and with memory intact so as not to get one word wrong is to miss the point. We have been instructed to pray to our Creator by Him and in the Person of our Redeemer in the methodology of prayer.

Acknowledge Him as the One True Living God, Creator of all and Decider of the end from the beginning;
Praise Him for His works and ask for His Will (not ours) be manifest in our lives and in the world around us;
For our daily immersion in understanding of His Word;
The forgiveness of our sins (which only HE can give and that in the Blood Sacrifice of His Son, Himself on Earth);
Acknowledge our willingness to forgive others for their wrongs against us as a sign that we understand our place, that of equals as men, all subject to our Creator God;
For that which we think we need and the understanding of and willingness to accept that which we are given by our Creator, who knows better than we what we need and when we need it.

Our Creator God wishes for us as his Children to approach prayer with the knowledge that it is we who need to understand that what we need is in Him and from Him. That the job, the house, the family, the goods and things with which we measure success and happiness are ultimately of no more importance to us than a pair of running shoes is to a cheetah. We have all we need in the wondrous gifts of our Lord and Savior. Our Father God has numbered the hairs on our heads and our Kinsman Redeemer has numbered the drops of His blood. Therefore, we can be rest assured that when we pray for His Will to be done and for the strength to accept it and allow His Son to guide our lives and take up residence in our hearts, we are giving all that we have and more to our heavenly Father, He who is prepared to give us much more than we ever deserved as mere men, selfishly wrapped up in this mortal coil

For truly, if we ever got what we justly deserved, there would be such a wailing and gnashing of teeth as to drive the demons out of hell in search of peace and quiet.


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